Thursday April 16th, 2020

Friday Talk!!

  Asia Institute of Knowledge (AiKnow) by Remark Asia won’t let this pandemic stand between us. We have to fight with all resources left.. so, this Friday, we’ll try to do some awesome talk about the update on Social Requirements of HCS Approach. The toolkit was just released by the […]
Friday February 21st, 2020

Cara Menentukan Ikut training HCV atau HCS atau HCV-HCS integrated

  Ada banyak pilihan training yang ditawarkan oleh Asia Institute of Knowledge (AiKnow) by Remark Asia, dan semuanya terdengar serupa. Bagaimana cara menentukan untuk ikut yang mana, berdasarkan kebutuhan anda atau lembaga/perusahaan anda?   HCV ALS Training   High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS) Training diperuntukkan bagi anda […]
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