High Conservation Value

In November 2017 the Integrated HCV-HCSA Manual assessment was published as the official document for integrated HCV-HCSA assessments.  Since then the companies who’s committed to HCV and HCS are able to conduct HCV-HCS Integrated assessment. This guidance wasn’t mandatory until November 2018. All reports submitted after 9th November 2019 are required to follow the integrated process. The team leader to lead this integrated assessment are the one who registered as both HCSA team leader and HCV Assessor Licensing Scheme. All reports are submitted to HCVRN for further review. The HCV and HCV-HCSA assessment report evaluations are conducted by a Quality Panel (QP) composed of highly-qualified professionals with environmental, GIS/remote sensing and social experience.

Our registered HCV-HCS Integrated Team Leader:

[photo DRM] [Photo CS]Source: http://highcarbonstock.org , https://hcvnetwork.org, HCSA Toolkit V2.0
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