HCV + HCS Integrated Lead Assessor

Ever since November 2018, the High Conservation Value assessment must be integrated with High Carbon Stock assessment, in order to avoid mass destruction on forest area. The assessment must be led by a licensed lead assessor for both HCV and HCS. To be a License Lead Assessor, one must follow the HCV ALS Training. The training provider must have the license from HCV Resource Network, and AiKnow by Remark Asia is one of the lists. We have provided HCV ALS Training since 2015 and continue once a year until recently. This is a five days training, including one day of fieldtrip. Every trainee must complete pre-test, post-test (pen and paper), submitting public summary and report. The fieldtrip is required to practice HCV assessment theories, how to determine whether or not one area is considered as HCV area. As the fieldtrip will be in the real forest area, every participant must bring their own field survey equipment such as shoes, jacket or raincoat, hat, and personal medicine. Public Summary and Report submission is required 10 days after training, and the score will be send to HCV Resource Network before publishing unique number for register HCV licensed assessor and lead assessor.
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