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Environmental/social due diligent

An audit or investigation with certain standards required by prospective investors or other interested parties related to environmental or social aspects of the company to be taken over before any contract, transaction or agreement of both parties.

Environmental/social risk management

Environmental and social risk management involves:

  • The systematic integration of environmental and social considerations into the operations of the companies, including clear definition of senior management oversight, staff responsibilities, and provision of staff training.
  • The collection, evaluation and reporting of appropriate environmental and social information about a proposed/on-going operation, leading to a fully in formed decision on whether the environmental and social risk associated with the operation is acceptable;
  • Control of environmental and social risks associated with the operation; and realisation of any potential environmental and social benefit associated with the operation.

High Conservation Value Assessment and Management

HCV Assessment is an activity to identify areas that have a high conservation values in a landscape or a region or management unit that is intended to be areas of high conservation values is maintaned or enhanced in value to the sustainability of ecological function and social function of the area.

Social Impact Assessment and Management

Social impact assessment is an assessment of the social impacts of an activity, operation or a project undertaken by an organization or business unit to the workers, community and the surrounding environment in order to reduce or mitigate the social impact of the project and operating or managing social issues which appears to be a positive impact on business units or organizations and surrounding communities.

Carbon Stock Assessment (CSA) & GHG calculation

The RSPO  Carbon Stock assessment and GHG Calculation is a requirement for New Planting Procedure.  This tools as a guidance to identify and estimate carbon stocks prior to and after new developments as well as major sources of emissions that may result directly from the development as required by Criterion 7.8.1. CSA and GHG calculation must be done to minimise net greenhouse gas emissions which takes into account avoidance of land areas with high carbon stocks and/or sequestration.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC)

To identify the hazards, risk assessment and control of workplace accidents and environmental pollution are usually called HIRAC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control). There are three main parts to HIRAC, that is: an attempt to identify the hazards and character, followed by a risk assessment of the hazards that exist, after it was recommended efforts. Furthermore by business unit or organization is used to plan programs to minimize the risk of harm from its operations.

Certification Support Initiative (CSI) : Consultancyfor ISO & OHSAS, Palm Oil Certification (RSPO, ISPO,ISCC), Forest Certification (FSC, PEFC, LEI, PHPL, SVLK)

An organization or business unit that wants to obtain a certificate or an increase in compliance with a certain standard certifications such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (environmental management system), OHSAS, Palm Oil Certification (RSPO, ISPO, ISCC), Forest certification (FSC, PEFC, LEI, SFM and SVLK). With programs designed for a certain period encouraged the company to be able to meet these standards to obtain a certificate.