FSC Training Update

After commemorating 20 Years of Certification in February, there was an opinion that the impact of certification systems against forest destruction is still.. well let’s say.. less significant. Their opinions sure with a good reason, deforestation and land forest conversion as if no longer possible to be stopped. But the certification system here is trying to lower the pace of deforestation, the methods are constantly evolving, changing, and customize every changes that change dynamically.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has recently launched the new principles. This information is certainly very important for the assessors who concern about forest certification. Therefore Remark Asia AiKnow (Asia Institute of Knowledge) and FSC organizes this FSC Certification Training which will be the basic step to go to the next level, ie FSC auditor training.


This training will be held on August 22-24th 2016 (Changes from the previous July 19th – 21st, 2016) at Sahira Hotel  Jl A. Yani Bogor, West Java.
For further information please contact the number listed on the flyer, or email us at re-markasia@re-markasia.com

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