Wibowo A. Djatmiko

ecologist, NKT 1-4, conservation

Has the capacity and experience in ecological wildlife research (birds and herpetofauna), forest ecology including community forestry / agroforestry ecology. Graduated from the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University in 1989 and continued to improve his expertise in biodiversity conservation through several programs such as Second Asian School for Conservation Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP – Bogor International Training Course on Practical Approach to Management of Biodiversity Conservation (Malayan Nature Society – DIAMOND – CDG, Kuala Lumpur) Study and Conservation Biology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Indonesia – Depok.

He is an independent consultant who specializes in wildlife ecology in the environmental impact analysis (EIA) for the forestry, mining and transmigration in Indonesia and of ecolabel certification assessment for forests production and community forests. Since 2006, he has been involved in the assessment of HCV in oil palm plantations and registered as RSPO HCV Accredited Assessor – Discipline Specialist and Accredited RSPO HCV assessor – Team Leader.