Riswan Zen

GIS Specialist

Graduated his Bachelor degree on Forestry from Bogor Agricultural University in 1996 and pursuing his Master Degree on Natural Resource and Environment Management from 2009 – 2014 from University of North Sumatera (USU). Riswan is an expert in using GIS and Remote Sensing Software; Expertised in high conservation area assessment and its application in forestry and plantation and having proficiency in audit best management practices of oil palm plantations and forestry.

He has been involved about 4 years in the Leuser Ecosystem Development Project sponsored by the EU which aims to protect the existence of the Leuser Ecosystem (LE) and sustainability of ecological-economic functions. He heavily involved in the preparation and development of the LE geo-database and cooperates with local governments in Aceh and North Sumatra in encouraging a model of good spatial planning in each related districts. His position as a GIS Specialist has made him much more aware of spread the wealth of existing biodiversity, biophysical characteristics of the landscape and threats. With that experience, he would have a better vision of the future implementation of the “Climate Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Project”.

His last assignment as a Landscape Specialist at USAID Project IFACS further strengthens his capacity as an expert who understands the conservation planning concept based on the habitat type/ecosystem and High Conservation Value, including consideration of carbon stocks in forests and peat lands as well as community needs

Apart from the description above, he also have a lot of work involved in the preparation of regional spatial planning through project contracts with local governments. He fully understand the stages of the process of spatial planning and related regulations. Lately he also active in the HCV assessment and the performance evaluation of oil palm plantation within the framework of the RSPO and ISPO.