Risna Noviati Amalia


Risna graduated Bachelor degree in Communication and Community Development, Faculty of Human Ecology, Institut Pertanian Bogor, in 2012. During her education, Risna had teached in Sociology and Mass Communication in Institut Pertanian Bogor. She also built writing community with her colleagues. Risna had written a book with her friend, the title is “Elora”. She also wrote charity books for Merapi children and built a park reading in one village of Merapi, in collaboration with Komunitas Jendela. After completion of an undergraduate education, Risna work as one program staff in Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). Until now, Risna continued her education at the University of Indonesia majoring in Anthropology. Risna been doing some study on villages around Dramaga and studied Kampung Naga community when he joined research faculty, both study was conducted in West Java. Risna also been researching the social capital in the Merapi community (Central Java) for 2 months as a research thesis. Risna also been active in one of the environmental NGO based in Jakarta. Risna several times joined in Social Impact Assessment and the High Conservation Value Assessment team for several palm oil companies, plantations and logging concessions in Indonesia.