Dyah Indrapati

Social Expert, Multi Stakeholders Engagement Facilitator

Competed a bachelor degree at Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia. Worked for numerous private companies and NGOs. Lecturer for “Community Facilitation” at Faculty of Public Health, Diponegoro University, Semarang and Multi Stakeholders Engagement Facilitator . Worked in Corporate Communication in the FMCG industry, specialising in sustainability / CSR / Reputation and Issue Management. Spent eight years working in the sustainability area, focusing on sustainable governance, decentralisation, participatory democracy and community empowerment.

Works at Re.Mark Asia dealing with multicultural environments and extensive stakeholder networks, involving individuals and government agencies, NGOs, academia, consultants and donors at the local, national and regional levels. Dealed with clients from the Health Service Program (HSP)-USAID, Ministry of Health, Abt Ass (USA), Local Government Service Program (LGSP)-USAID, Ministry of Home Affairs, CDM (USA), Australia-Indonesia Partnership in Maternal and Neonate Health (AIPMNH)-AUSAID, Coffey Ass (Australia), Frontier of Family Health (F2H), UNICEF, District Government of Bintuni West Papua, District Government of Pekalongan Central Java, Faculty of Public Health Diponegoro University, PT Chevron Geothermal Indonesia, CIVED-UNDP and GRADE-UNDP.